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WorkStory Launches AI-Powered Performance Management Tool to Revolutionize Employee Development

[Boca Raton, Florida] - WorkStory, a platform for streamlining employee feedback and performance management, announces the launch of WorkStory AI Assist, a cutting-edge tool that uses the latest OpenAI technology to provide organizations with real-time insights into their employees' performance and development needs.

"At WorkStory, we're constantly looking for ways to make performance reviews and feedback collection more intuitive, less time-consuming, and more impactful," said Matthew Meadows, CEO and Co-founder of WorkStory. "Our customers are able to generate thousands of feedback comments and performance data points as easily as sending a Slack message or an email, and now we're able to summarize that information and make performance recommendations for them automatically each month. Think of us as your automated Chief People Officer constantly striving for the team to improve."

WorkStory is the first performance review tool to fully integrate with a team's workflow - using the tools they're already using, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or email - to collect performance data and feedback, automatically, throughout the year. WorkStory's AI Assist then analyzes that data to provide users with recommendations on how they can improve in between formal performance review conversations.

"Many companies are hopping on the AI hype train just to say that they're using it in their product or service offering," said Meadows. "With WorkStory, it's actually a natural extension of what we were already doing - making employee performance reviews as easy and painless as possible."

The benefits of WorkStory AI Assist are clear: users can save time and resources by relying on AI to conduct analysis, quickly identifying areas for improvement and tracking progress over time. By providing employees with regular feedback and development opportunities throughout the year, organizations can ensure that their teams are constantly improving and growing.

"Thanks to WorkStory AI Assist, I no longer have to spend hours reading feedback to determine how to help my team grow," said one early adopter of the tool. "With just a few seconds of analysis, I get clear and concise recommendations that make my job as a manager so much easier!" said Jennifer N. a Chief Operating Officer and user of WorkStory.

WorkStory plans to expand this type of analysis within their platform with the ultimate goal of making performance management and performance reviews as easy and seamless as possible.

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About WorkStory:

WorkStory is the leading platform for streamlining employee feedback and performance management. With integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and email, WorkStory makes it easy for organizations to collect performance data and feedback, automatically, throughout the year, ensuring that their teams are constantly growing and improving.

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