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WorkStory AI Assist

WorkStory AI Assist analyzes your performance data and suggests opportunities for improvement, helping employees to grow more effectively throughout the year.

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Summarize months of feedback, automatically.

Get new performance recommendations for each team member, each month.


Leveraging the latest OpenAI technology to provide actionable insights in a fraction of the time.


WorkStory AI Assist has already saved teams thousands of hours on performance management.


How WorkStory AI Assist Works 🪄✨


1. Collect real-time feedback


2. AI generates recommendations

WorkStory AI analyzes review data and creates unique performance recommendations


3. 10x your team's growth

Employees know exactly which behaviors to focus on to grow throughout the year

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Questions & Answers

Visit our FAQ pages to learn more about WorkStory AI
What does WorkStory AI Assist actually do?

Each month, WorkStory automatically analyzes all of the performance data collected for each team member over the past 90 days. In doing so it provides a short summary of performance along with three recommendations for how that team member can improve.

What are the benefits of WorkStory AI Assist?

Rather than reading through all of the feedback and competency metrics from the past few months, you're able to understand exactly what to focus on to foster employee growth, in just a few seconds.

How often are AI Assist performance summaries generated?

WorkStory AI Assist summaries are generated automatically, each month, given the team member meets the minimum requirements of performance review volume.

How and when can I get access?

WorkStory AI Assist is available on your dashboard now. If you manage other team members, you can see their summaries as well on their individual dashboards.

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