What is WorkStory AI Assist?

With WorkStory, we're focused on making performance management as easy as possible by integrating with your team's workflow.

Teams are able to produce thousands of pieces of constructive feedback and performance data without the need for time-consuming surveys, spreadsheets, or endless docs. While we're saving hundreds of hours on data collection, how can we continue to save teams time when it comes to parsing through and understanding the themes buried within the information?

That's where our new WorkStory AI-Assist feature comes in.

AI Assist Summary Example
AI Assist Summary Example

What AI Assist Does

Each month, WorkStory automatically analyzes all of the performance data collected for each team member over the past 90 days. In doing so it provides a short summary of performance along with three recommendations for how that team member can improve.

It's taking real, team member-generated feedback and distilling it into the most pertinent information for an employee and manager to work with.

The Benefits of AI Assist

Rather than reading through all of the feedback and competency metrics from the past few months, you're able to understand exactly what to focus on to foster employee growth, in just a few seconds.

To learn more about the technical requirements of WorkStory AI Assist check out the WorkStory AI Assist Requirements and Rules FAQ.