WorkStory AI Assist Requirements and Rules

WorkStory's AI Assist is designed to save managers and employees time.

The system will analyze the past 90 days of reviews, feedback comments, and competencies to come up with a summary of performance that you can read in just a few seconds. Along with the summary, the system will also make three recommendations of areas that the team member can focus on to help them grow and improve moving forward.

For more background on the AI Assist feature, check out our FAQ: What is WorkStory AI Assist?

There are some limitations though, on when a summary can be generated.

Requirements to Generate an AI Assist Summary

Minimum Review and Feedback Volume

There is a minimum requirement of 25 reviews over the past 90 days. Additionally, at least ten of those reviews need to have quality feedback comments.

WorkStory will wait until these requirements are met before automatically generating the summary.

If you find that a team member needs some more input, we'd suggest requesting additional reviews or completing direct reviews to supply them with additional data.

AI Assist Summary Visibility

Who can see these summaries?

  • Administrators can see the summaries of all team members within the organization
  • Managers can see summaries generated for themselves as well as any team members that they oversee within the organization (as defined in WorkStory).
  • Standard team members can see only the summaries generated for them on their own Dashboards.