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At WorkStory, we believe in the power of word-of-mouth and the value of your recommendations. That's why we're excited to introduce our Referral Program, offering you a fantastic opportunity to earn $500 for every successful referral that signs up with us!
How it Works

Refer someone you know who would benefit from WorkStory. It could be a colleague, friend, or business associate who is seeking a solution like ours to help solve the hassle of traditional performance reviews or to get started with a more useful review process.

When your referral signs up and becomes an active customer, you'll receive a generous reward of $500 as a token of our appreciation! We'll make sure to deliver your reward promptly upon successful referral verification.

Why Refer?

Make a Difference: Help your network experience the benefits of team growth with WorkStory. By referring them, you're contributing to their success and streamlining their performance management processes.

Earn Generous Rewards: On top of making a positive impact, we want to show our gratitude. For every successful referral, we'll reward you with $500! It's our way of saying thank you for being an advocate of ours.

Spread the Benefits: Sharing WorkStory not only helps your contacts but also contributes to the growth of our community. As more organizations join us, we can continue improving our offerings and providing even greater value to our customers.

How to Get Started

Fill out the referral form on this page with your contact information and some details about the person you're referring.

Our team will reach out to you, first, to verify and collect any additional information. We'll then get in contact with your referral, either directly, or via a casual introduction from you.

Once your referral becomes an active customer, you'll receive your $500 reward.

Want to Share, Yourself?

If you'd prefer to make the intro yourself, here's a quick snippet you can copy/paste to get the conversation started:
Hey there! I've been using WorkStory with my team and it's seriously changed the way we do performance reviews. It integrates seamlessly with our daily communication tools, collects valuable feedback, and helps our team members to improve while saving us valuable work hours. It's not just about reviews, but about continuous growth and learning. I've found it incredibly useful and thought it might be beneficial for you too. Check them out at If you're interested, email them at and tell them [YOUR NAME] sent you. They'll send you some more info on how it all works.
Thank you for being part of our referral program and helping us expand the reach of WorkStory Together, we can change the way organizations think about performance reviews so that their employees can thrive.