Case Study: Fractl

Fractl Uses WorkStory to Streamline Performance Reviews

Fractl Overview

Why use boring forms to conduct performance reviews? Instead, WorkStory uses your communication tool of choice to measure performance in a new, more accurate, way.

Industry: Advertising Services
Founded: 2012
Employees: 70
Use Cases: Performance reviews, pulse surveys, remote team
Result: Over 360 reviews and feedback comments collected in first three months

Challenge 1

Time Consuming Performance Review Process

Fractl develops hundreds of content marketing campaigns for its expansive customer base, requiring intensive project management tracking and execution across various departments. The company needed to offer more robust performance evaluation to its employees to provide them with tangible feedback and clear paths for growth. Relying on hybrid solution, leveraging Google Sheets and their existing HRIS solution, provided too time-intensive to manage and implement responsibly.

WorkStory’s application, via Fractl’s Slack Workspace, enabled the team to quickly generate performance metrics and tangible feedback. Collecting this information “passively” saved the team weeks of man-hours that they would otherwise have been spending on biannual performance reviews. All this was done without sacrificing the quality of evaluation. Fractl managers were then better equipped with performance information, allowing the company to make more timely workforce considerations.

Fractl's Participation Over the First Three Months

Challenge 2

Managing Performance Evaluation for a Distributed Team

The Fractl team has always had some remote employees, but since the pandemic, it has functioned as an entirely remote team with employees in various countries and time zones. This presented challenges around team development. The 360 review process was difficult to execute as team members were required to offer feedback for each other only once every six months - making it difficult to recall previous work and interactions. As such, comments were general, generic, and unhelpful to team managers who were responsible for compiling evaluations.

With the addition of WorkStory, team members were able to give feedback to peers when it was most applicable. Rather than waiting months, peers provided input on each other every two weeks, through the communication channels they already used. This process dramatically increased the amount of information available to managers/employees for 1:1 conversations while also greatly reducing the amount of time dedicated to performance management.

Our team thrives on transparent and consistent feedback, and WorkStory helps us deliver those results. The platform is user-friendly and engaging. It allows us to be much more efficient with the process. I appreciate the helpful advice and support we receive from GetSpeedBack. - Thandi Loney, Human Resources Specialist

Challenge 3

Promoting Honest and Constructive Feedback Within Teams

Fractl’s previous review process became less frequent over time due to the impracticality of the 360 review tools in place. With less frequent review opportunities, team members were being asked for peer input only twice a year. As such, they were reticent to share their honest interpretation of team performance with the manager. Consequently, performance review conversations were generic and relied more heavily on the manager’s subjective input.

Utilizing the WorkStory process, team members began to provide more honest and constructive feedback to their fellow team members. The average review score - 72 overall (out of 100) - indicated that the group was answering review questions from a more grounded perspective. With the immediate increase in review volume, performance trends formed quickly. These trends made it easier to identify where team members should focus for potential improvement. Similarly, team managers were able to objectively reference feedback comments, in real-time, to assist with team development.


From hassle-free performance reviews to automated feedback collection, WorkStory enables Fractl to more easily monitor their team and be agile when it comes to making necessary workforce decisions. With the process integrated within Fractl’s culture, it’s now easier for them to positively engage their employees with a qualitative and quantitative approach to development.

WorkStory: Streamlined Performance Management Software

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