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We know what it’s like to go through painful performance review processes.
That’s why we built the most effective tool to encourage performance and growth in teams where people come first.

Our story

WorkStory's founders were managing large teams, in different industries, and realized that they (and their team members) dreaded going through the performance review process. That spurred them to come up with a better solution - one that would give them the information they needed for 1:1s while saving their teams from hours of paperwork. That tool would evolve into WorkStory.

Our team thrives on transparent and consistent feedback, and WorkStory helps us deliver those results.

WorkStory has made the performance review process more efficient and more effective for all of our team members.

WorkStory trumps any review software used in the past and provides us with a comprehensive set of data to act upon.

WorkStory allows us to seamlessly integrate performance management into the course of our daily work.

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