Performance Reviews

Generate performance reviews whenever needed - annual, quarterly, monthly.
360, top-down, bottom-up, cross-functional, it's up to you.

The most accurate way to measure performance

Annual reviews are inaccurate and riddled with recency bias. With WorkStory, you can generate performance metrics over long periods and with many people’s opinions.

Reduced subjectivity

Whether you're doing 360 reviews or more traditional manager evaluation, gathering input over a longer time period means a more objective evaluation.

No recency bias

Collecting feedback throughout the year means you're documenting all the good and bad that takes place in every month.
Dashboard mockup

Adjust review relationships on the fly

Customize who reviews who and change the rules whenever you need to.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

The easiest way to implement reviews for your team

Conducting 360 reviews can take forever - not just gathering the information but analyzing it as well. WorkStory does it for you, automatically and throughout the year.

WorkStory: Streamlined Performance Management Software

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