8 Employee Engagement Tips For A Happier Working Environment

June 27, 2022
Employee Engagement
8 Employee Engagement Tips For A Happier Working Environment

Companies are only as good as the people that help it succeed. The right people can help with your exponential growth. At the same time, you’re also in danger of failure if you don’t have a motivated team.

Having more money to give your employees may put a smile on their faces, but it's not the only way to keep them happy. Work-life balance, workplace transparency, free benefits, and frequent thank-yous all promote improved employee morale. Here are eight employee engagement tips to help you get a happier workplace.

1. Create A Welcoming Environment

Many companies forget to connect with their people in today's digital, fast-paced world. If you make your workplace feel disconnected, you’ll likely find it impossible to retain employees. You want a fun, welcoming environment that takes care of the needs of your team.

If employees feel welcomed in the workplace, they'll be inclined to share their ideas and be a part of the company's success. As an example, try hosting a weekly happy hour where all employees can relax, grab food, and connect.

You want your workers to come into the office eager to work, so try to make the environment as inviting as possible. Paint the walls with cheerful colors, hang banners with inspirational quotes, and provide comfortable furniture.

2. Make Them Feel Heard

Employees want to feel like their ideas are valued. In order for employees to stay motivated and committed, they need to hear that their opinions matter. If you only hear one side of the story, it can be challenging to make informed decisions.

What is the best way to combat this? Create a company culture where each employee feels heard and valued. When employees are invested in their jobs, they’ll go the extra mile for you.

One way to make them feel heard is to give them the opportunity to personalize their work environment. Allot an area for each employee to work, encourage them to decorate it, and organize it however they want. By giving your team members a space to call their own, they'll feel confident and connected to their work.

3. Focus On The Long Term

If you want your business to have longevity, create a culture where people feel rewarded for a job well done. This means rewarding individuals for consistent performance, going above and beyond, and meeting goals.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks, but you need to plan for the future to enjoy long-term success. Employees won’t care about improving the company if they can’t understand how their efforts help shape your business's future.

Give employees a general idea of what rewards they can expect by staying with the business long-term. Instead of simply handing out bonuses, provide them with a way to have stakes in the company.

4. Provide A Safe, Healthy Workplace

When setting up your office, keep in mind its role as a safe, healthy place to work. If your office space is cold, dark, and cramped, it can greatly affect productivity.

Many offices don’t invest enough time and money into making sure their employees are comfortable. While you may look at small adjustments to save the company money, it’s also worth it to spend a little extra for your workers’ health and wellness. Host walking meetings to help them stretch.

Be proactive with your office design. Invest in a well-lit space with plenty of windows. Make sure your desks have ergonomic chairs and plenty of storage space. At the same time, provide your employees with the support they need.

Sexual harassment is a serious matter that needs attention when it’s raised. Regardless, you want to ensure that they can talk to HR and discuss such situations at work. Create an environment where employees can freely discuss these topics without endangering their job security. Offer any way to support them, whether mental or psychological support.

5. Include Your Employees In Decision-Making

Chances are, your workers are the biggest supporters of your brand. They understand the mission, products, and customers better than anyone. They’ll be more motivated and committed to succeeding when they feel included.

Start by including them in the decision-making process. Invite them to higher-level meetings and brainstorm new ideas. The more engaged they are, the more likely they will stay at your organization.

Your company can't grow without motivated, energetic team members, so give them a reason to get out of bed. Offer challenges, create a culture of collaboration and provide them with training opportunities.

6. Leave Room For Growth

Your team is not an island. You can’t just keep hiring new employees and expect them to be happy. If your team has to work on the same projects for years on end, they may start to feel burned out.

Try to find creative ways to let staff members learn new skills. Sending them to conferences, offering training and workshops, and allowing them to take an online course are all great ways to boost their personal and professional growth.  

Your team should feel that their future is bright, so provide ways for them to expand their skills. Mentor your team, make learning resources easily accessible, and give opportunities for training.

7. Give Them Some Flexibility

Nowadays, people have busy lives. They're raising kids, caring for aging parents, and supporting partners. They want to have the flexibility to decide when they want to work and when they want to take a day off.

Many Millennials aren’t interested in 9-to-5 jobs. They want to work from home, set their hours, and work on projects that fit their schedules.

When you offer flexibility, you allow your staff members to do their job to the best of their abilities. If employees feel like they’re in charge of their schedule, they are more likely to stay at a company.  

By offering flexible hours, the ability to telecommute a few days per week, or the opportunity to come in late or leave early, you'll have happier, more productive staff members.

8. Be Transparent

If you want to retain your workforce, you need to create an open, transparent, and collaborative culture. Being open and honest with your staff will ensure they're engaged in their jobs. When you communicate with your teams, let them know the goals for the week and what challenges to expect. Share any announcements that might affect their business, such as new product launches or company changes.

The Bottom Line

Employee engagement is a two-way street. Team members contribute to the success of your business, and you provide them with the tools and resources to succeed. By focusing on these critical areas, you can cultivate a high-performing, loyal staff.

Your workforce is the backbone of the organization, so it only makes sense to give them as much support and appreciation as you can. By focusing on professional development, creating a fun working environment, and being open and transparent, you’ll be able to build a loyal team dedicated to your success.

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