How to Handle End of Year Performance Reviews

Published on
Mar 22, 2024
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Present Your Best Self in Your Annual Performance Review

Many organizations like to use end-of-year performance reviews as a way of reflecting on the performance of their team and as a tool to set expectations moving forward.

While that conversation should never be a surprise for an employee, in terms of the information discussed with a manager, it never hurts to be prepared to put your best foot forward.

Here are some recommendations from Fast Company's article, "This is how to crush your year-end review".

  1. Pitch Yourself πŸ“’ - have a script in place that succinctly describes your year, both accomplishments and opportunities for improvement. This shows that you are able to reflect on negative outcomes and ensures that you are prepared to present points of recognition as well.
  2. Respond, Don't React 🀬 - This is meant to be a collaborative and constructive discussion. If negativities arise, respond with acknowledgement and focus on ways to improve. If positives are brought up, accept them graciously.
  3. Future-Focused πŸ” - Now is the opportunity to push for change. Ask about concrete steps that you can take to move to that next position. Don't be afraid to bring up salary adjustments or promotions - this is expected in annual reviews and, for lack of a better won't get if you don't ask. If the answer is "No", that's ok, inquire about better timing to have the conversation. Focusing on the future shows initiative and your interest in playing a larger role in the organization moving forward.

In the end, performance reviews are just one of many ways in which employees can communicate expectations of themselves and their managers. Make sure you're prepared to take advantage of the opportunity.

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