Real-Time Feedback: The Key to Employee Growth and Development

May 29, 2023
Real-Time Feedback: The Key to Employee Growth and Development

Real-time feedback feedback is a crucial aspect of employee growth and career development within organizations.

As a recent study published by ADP, "Employee Experience Propels Workplace Transformation in 2023", suggests the fast-paced, digital world we live in has led to increased expectations for immediacy in all areas of life, including in the workplace.

People now expect real-time feedback and the ability to respond to that feedback almost as quickly.

Collecting Real-Time Feedback

One way companies are addressing this trend is by adding tools that enable the real-time sharing and documenting of feedback continuously.

This allows them to more quickly understand what's happening within the day-to-day activities so that they can me more proactive with their employees' development. Having an inside track into what employees are thinking and saying is hugely beneficial for the health of any workforce.

Giving and receiving real-time feedback is important for several reasons. For managers, it allows them to stay in tune with their team's needs and concerns, which can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction. For employees, real-time feedback can help them to identify areas where they need to improve, which in turn can lead to career development and growth opportunities.

For more on the benefits for real-time feedback, check out our post, "Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Feedback for SMBs".

Managers Can Support the Feedback Process

Managers can give continuous feedback by holding regular one-on-one meetings with their team members, providing immediate feedback during team meetings, and encouraging open communication channels.

They should also make sure to give both positive and constructive feedback, and be specific, so employees can understand what they are doing well and what areas need improvement.

Additionally, managers can use survey tools or real-time capturing tools, like WorkStory, to gather feedback from their employees.

The Role of Employees in Seeking Feedback

Employees can benefit from real-time feedback by actively seeking it out and having an open mindset. They can also set up regular check-ins with their managers or mentors for input.

This can help them to identify areas for growth, and to set up a plan to address them.

These conversations can also be beneficial from a career growth and development standpoint - taking a longer-term view while relying on real-time feedback to support decision-making.

Real-Time Feedback is Essential

Companies that deploy employee listening programs and implement continuous feedback mechanisms, such as WorkStory, will be better equipped to address issues and improve performance.

Managers and employees alike should take an active role in giving and receiving feedback, which can ultimately lead to increased job satisfaction, productivity, and a positive, growth-oriented culture.

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