Introducing the WorkStory Performance Review Builder: Revolutionizing How You Conduct Performance Reviews

Published on
Mar 22, 2024
Performance reviews without docs, spreadsheets, or forms
See how WorkStory can streamline performance reviews for your team

At WorkStory, we’ve always been committed to helping our clients excel in their performance reviews. We realized that our customers often turn to us for guidance on the best questions to ask and how to generate the most insightful feedback. This trend became apparent every time we onboarded a new team.

Recognizing the high demand for this kind of information, we took the initiative to develop and share hundreds of performance review templates categorized by role and company type. These templates have been a hit, attracting a significant number of daily visitors. To further streamline the process for our users, we decided to go a step further.

Introducing the WorkStory Performance Review Builder

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the WorkStory Performance Review Builder! This powerful, yet incredibly user-friendly tool is designed to help anyone craft comprehensive performance reviews in minutes. By leveraging the best questions and cutting-edge AI, our tool ensures you can create impactful evaluations without the usual time commitment.

Designed for Your Needs

The Performance Review Builder is perfect for teams that need to quickly put together reviews or 1:1s.

It's also great for teams that are looking to evaluate contractors or temporary staff who aren't typically part of the larger team's performance review process.

Why You’ll Love It

Our tool has been meticulously tested and refined with the help of our customers. Now, we are excited to offer a public version that anyone can use, absolutely FREE!

If you find this tool beneficial for your team, we also offer unique versions tailored to your organization. These custom builders can automatically pull in your employees and roles, making the process even more seamless.

Get Started Today

Go check it out and experience the ease and efficiency of the WorkStory Performance Review Builder.

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