Finding the Right Performance Management Tools for Nonprofits

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Mar 22, 2024
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Running a nonprofit is no small feat. Team members often juggle many tasks at once, all to make a big difference in the community.

That's why it's so important to keep track of everyone's progress without adding more work to their plates.

We've created this guide to help nonprofit leaders pick the right tools to make managing performance easier and more effective.

The Current State of Performance Management in Nonprofits

Overview of Current Tools and Methods

Many nonprofits start off using basic tools like spreadsheets to keep track of performance.

This might seem like a quick and cheap option at first, but as the organization grows, these tools can't keep up.

Pitfalls of Manual Performance Management Systems

Relying too much on manual systems can lead to lots of time spent on data entry, more mistakes, and not getting a clear picture of how the team is doing.

This can slow down team members who are already managing a lot of different tasks.

Additionally, using a time-intensive process limits performance conversations to happening only once or twice a year, limiting their effectiveness.

The Real Impact of Inefficient Performance Management

In the world of nonprofits, many organizations find that slow and outdated systems can stop growth and miss chances to improve.

It's time to move towards better and faster solutions.

The Need for Easy Performance Management Tools

Flexibility and Scalability

As nonprofits grow, they need tools that can grow with them.

These tools should make it easy to keep track of how everyone is doing, encouraging a place where everyone can learn and improve.

Helping Teams Grow and Improve

Using the right tools can create a learning environment. This helps team members sharpen their skills and give their best to the organization's goals.

In turn, the organization itself will benefit from the team's cumulative growth.

Supporting Team Members with Many Roles

Good performance management tools help support team members who are handling many tasks.

Teams are able to more closely monitor the impact of new or additional responsibilities on each of their team members and make recommendations for adjustments as needed.

Additionally, having greater insight can help nonprofits to more quickly identify potential leaders or team members that are struggling to keep up with the work.

The quicker nonprofit leaders are able to diagnose and make team adjustments, the more impactful the organization can be overall.

Key Features to Be Aware of When Choosing Tools for Your Nonprofit

Selecting the right tool is a critical step in improving your nonprofit’s performance management process. Here’s a detailed look at the features that should be on your radar.

For further evaluation criteria, check out our previous post, Scaling Your Performance Reviews.

Easy Integration with Existing Tools

Your new performance management tool should easily integrate with the tools your team is already using.

This ensures a smooth transition and prevents disruptions in your current workflow.

User-Friendly Interface

A tool with a user-friendly interface is crucial. It should allow team members to navigate and use the system without requiring extensive training, saving time and reducing frustration.

Continuous Feedback and Review Options

Look for a tool that facilitates continuous feedback and regular reviews instead of just annual evaluations.

Not only does this make for more accurate evaluation, but this also promotes a culture of constant growth and improvement, helping your team adapt and excel in real time.

Inclusive 360 Reviews

The ideal tool should allow for 360 reviews, where feedback can be gathered from peers, subordinates, and supervisors.

This comprehensive approach to performance reviews can uncover hidden strengths and areas for improvement that might not be apparent in traditional top-down reviews.

Customizable Review Templates

To effectively capture performance data, the tool should offer customizable review templates.

These allow you to tailor the review process to suit the specific needs and goals of your nonprofit organization.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

An efficient performance management tool should provide detailed reporting and analytics.

This feature will help you track progress over time, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your team’s performance.


Given the budget constraints often faced by nonprofits, cost-efficiency is a key factor.

The tool should offer a good balance between functionality and affordability, providing value without breaking the bank.

Making the Transition: From Manual to Automated Tools

Changing from manual to automated performance management tools is a pivotal moment for any nonprofit. It promises not only efficiency but a significant enhancement in the way your team works together.

Let’s explore how to ensure this transition is as smooth and beneficial as possible:

Understanding the Need for Change

Before embarking on the transition, it is vital for the entire team to understand why this change is necessary.

Highlight the limitations of the current system and how automation can streamline processes, save time, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Choosing the Right Tool

As we've discussed in the previous section, choosing the right tool is a critical first step.

Consider involving a cross-section of your team in the selection process to ensure the chosen solution meets the diverse needs of your organization.

Pilot Testing

Before a full-scale rollout, consider doing a pilot test with a small group to identify any potential issues and gather feedback for improvements.

This step will help to fine-tune the system to better suit your team’s needs.

Here are WorkStory, we offer a 30-day trial for your team to try things out and get a better idea as to how the system works. 😉

Training and Support

Invest time in training your team to use the new tool effectively. Offer ongoing support to assist them in adapting to the new system.

Feedback and Adjustments

After the initial rollout, make a point to collect feedback from your team regarding their experiences with the new tool.

Be prepared to make necessary adjustments to ensure the system works seamlessly for everyone.

Celebrating Successes

As your team adapts to the new system and starts experiencing the benefits, celebrate the successes.

Highlight the improvements seen in performance management and recognize the efforts of your team in making the transition successful.

Continuous Improvement

Just like continuous reviews, remember, the transition to automated tools is not a one-time event. It’s the beginning of a journey towards continuous improvement.

Encourage your team to embrace this new approach to performance management as an opportunity for ongoing growth and development.

How WorkStory Can Help

Meet WorkStory

WorkStory steps in by blending easily into your existing work routine. It gathers useful performance data and feedback from tools that your team is already using, saving lots of time and giving you a better way to manage performance.

Our Promise of Easy-to-Use Solutions

WorkStory is here to offer solutions that are easy to use. We give teams strong training to make the most of continuous feedback. We also offer extra help through educational resources, helping teams get the best feedback and set up the most effective questions and review plans.

Picking the Right Tools for Your Nonprofit Team

As nonprofits continue to work towards their mission, using the right tools to manage performance is a key step. These tools, which are both effective and easy to adopt, play a big role in reaching the organization's goals and encouraging a culture of learning and growth.

Come and see the change WorkStory can bring to your nonprofit's performance management system. Check out the great benefits and resources designed specially for nonprofits. Watch this 2 min. video to see how how WorkStory can be your partner in building better performance management.

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