Getting Your SMB Started with 360 Reviews

May 26, 2023
Performance Reviews
Getting Your SMB Started with 360 Reviews

360 reviews are a comprehensive feedback process where employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from those working around them. This includes their peers, managers, and sometimes, customers.

Especially relevant to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), these reviews offer a holistic view of an employee's performance, providing insights that can be missed in a traditional, top-down review.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of 360 Reviews

360 reviews offer numerous benefits. For one, they promote a well-rounded understanding of an employee's performance, fostering improved self-awareness and personal development.

You can learn more about the benefits in our guide for HR managers.

However, they also present potential challenges such as being time-consuming to implement and manage, and the risk of feedback becoming personal due to its anonymous nature.

Understanding these pros and cons can help you decide if 360 reviews are right for your business.

Why Consider 360 Reviews for Your Business

360 reviews help to ensure that feedback is comprehensive and well-rounded, representing various perspectives within your business.

In this way, they can reveal hidden strengths or areas of improvement that may not surface in a traditional review.

Steps to Incorporate 360 Reviews in Your Business

Preparation is key when implementing 360 reviews.

Start by educating your team about the purpose and process of the reviews.

Then, set up the review structure by selecting reviewers, establishing a timeline, and determining key performance indicators (KPIs).

When conducting the reviews, prioritize maintaining confidentiality and ensuring a safe and supportive environment for sharing feedback.

Tools and Best Practices for Conducting 360 Reviews

Using software tools can streamline the process of conducting 360 reviews and help to maintain anonymity without any additional work.

Automated solutions can save you time and offer a systematic approach to gather and analyze feedback.

We have more information about scaling your performance reviews in our post, Scaling Your Performance Reviews.

Additionally, training reviewers and fostering clear communication can enhance the effectiveness of your 360 reviews.

Beyond Implementation: Leveraging 360 Reviews for Continuous Improvement

Once you've gathered feedback from the 360 reviews, the next step is to analyze it and translate it into actionable performance development plans.

With 360 reviews, you can establish a culture of continuous feedback and improvement that helps team member to compound on their efforts rather than waiting for a once-a-year conversation.

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WorkStory is designed to facilitate effective, meaningful performance reviews, without all of the hassle of paperwork or survey sending - making it easier for you to provide the feedback your team needs to thrive

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