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Restaurant Manager

Job Description:
Oversees the restaurant’s daily operations, including food quality, service standards, menu development, and staff management. The manager ensures compliance with health and safety regulations, manages customer relations, and works on increasing profitability through efficient supply chain management and marketing strategies.
Performance Areas:
Quality Control and Service
  1. How does the manager ensure the consistency and quality of food served?
  2. What training programs are in place for staff to enhance service quality?
  3. How does the manager monitor and act on customer feedback regarding service?
Menu Development
  1. How does the manager contribute to menu planning and innovation?
  2. What strategies are used to respond to customer preferences and trends?
  3. How is menu pricing determined to balance profitability and customer satisfaction?
Health and Safety
  1. What measures are implemented to ensure food safety and hygiene standards?
  2. How does the manager ensure compliance with health regulations?
  3. What training is provided to staff on maintaining cleanliness and safety in the restaurant?
Customer Relations
  1. How does the manager handle customer complaints and feedback?
  2. What initiatives are taken to build loyalty and repeat business?
  3. How does the manager use customer data to personalize service and improve the dining experience?
Supply Chain Management
  1. How does the manager ensure the reliability and quality of suppliers?
  2. What steps are taken to manage inventory efficiently and reduce waste?
  3. How does the manager negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best prices and terms?
Operational Efficiency and Profitability
  1. How well does the manager optimize inventory and reduce waste?
  2. Does the manager implement effective staff scheduling to ensure optimal service?
  3. How does the manager foster a positive work environment and staff retention?
Overall Performance:
  • Summarize the employee's performance during the review period.
  • Highlight key strengths and areas for improvement.
Goals and Development:
  • Discuss performance goals for the next review period, structured as SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound).
  • Identify areas for professional development and training opportunities.
Additional Comments:
  • Provide any additional comments or feedback about the employee's performance.

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