Software Development Company

Front-End Developer

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Software Development Company

Front-End Developer

Job Description:
Designs and implements user interfaces and user experiences for web applications, ensuring seamless and visually appealing interactions. Collaborates with back-end developers and UX/UI designers to deliver responsive and user-friendly front-end solutions.
Performance Areas:
User Interface (UI) Design
  1. How well does the employee design visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces?
  2. Does the employee create responsive and mobile-friendly UI designs?
  3. Does the employee follow best practices for front-end design?
Front-End Development
  1. How effectively does the employee implement front-end code, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
  2. Does the employee ensure cross-browser compatibility and consistent user experiences?
  3. Does the employee optimize front-end performance and load times?
User Experience (UX)
  1. How does the employee approach user experience design and usability testing?
  2. Does the employee gather user feedback and incorporate it into design improvements?
  3. Does the employee prioritize user needs and preferences in front-end development?
Collaboration with Back-End Developers and Designers
  1. How well does the employee collaborate with back-end developers to integrate front-end and back-end functionalities?
  2. Does the employee work effectively with UX/UI designers to implement design concepts?
  3. Does the employee communicate and coordinate with team members to achieve project goals?
Accessibility Compliance
  1. How effectively does the employee ensure web accessibility for users with disabilities?
  2. Does the employee follow accessibility guidelines and standards?
  3. Does the employee conduct accessibility testing and remediation?
Front-End Frameworks and Libraries
  1. How does the employee utilize front-end frameworks and libraries to enhance development efficiency?
  2. Does the employee stay updated on the latest front-end technologies and trends?
  3. Does the employee apply appropriate frameworks to achieve project requirements?
Overall Performance:
  • Summarize the employee's performance during the review period.
  • Highlight key strengths and areas for improvement.
Goals and Development:
  • Discuss performance goals for the next review period, structured as SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound).
  • Identify areas for professional development and training opportunities.
Additional Comments:
  • Provide any additional comments or feedback about the employee's performance.

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Software Development Company

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