Changing User Status

Depending on your organization, some team members may be more or less active participants in the review process.

WorkStory allows for variable status options to help you get the most our of the review process. Managers and administrators, specifically, have the ability to adjust their team members' status as needed.

There are three status options as well as a log in permission that can be used.

Changing a user's status

To change a user's status:

  1. Click on Company in the left-hand menu
  2. Navigate to the user you would like to adjust and click on their card
  3. Click on the Access tab at the top of the page
  4. Select the status you would like to apply and click Update to lock in your selection

Active Status

When set to active, the user is able to participate in the review process fully - giving and receiving reviews based on their review relationships.

They will also be able to receive other messages such as summary notifications, goal update requests, and pulse survey questions.

Passive Status

Making a team member passive essentially means that they will be recipients of the reviews process.

Team members can complete reviews for them but they will not be able to complete reviews for others. They will not receive other notifications.

Passive team members are essentially restricted to viewing and accessing their dashboard as performance data is compiled.

Inactive Status

Inactive team members are "paused" within the system.

This means that they will neither give nor receive reviews from other team members - regardless of their review relationship setup.

They will not receive any other types of notifications either.

Vacation Option

We recommend using the inactive status option for team members that will be away from work - vacation or otherwise - so that they're not bothered while out and to also prevent extraneous reviews from being sent to the rest of the team.

Log In Permissions

Admins and managers also have access to determine whether their team members can log into the WorkStory platform.

You would use this restriction in a couple of scenarios:

  1. You would like team members to review but not see the results - as such, the team member can complete reviews but will not be able to see their own results as displayed on their dashboards
  2. You would like to review team members without them seeing results - in this set up, you or other team members are reviewing an employee but they are not aware of or able to see their dashboard