What is WorkStory?

WorkStory is a platform that enables organizations to enable continuous employee performance improvement throughout the year rather than on annual or biannual cycles. This saves your organization significant time and money while more effectively developing employees.

What is the problem?

Virtually all organizations look to conduct employee performance reviews at some point. People dread this process rather than look forward to it. It takes a lot of time that could otherwise be focused on work. This costs money in terms of lost time and employee turnover. Because reviews are such a hassle, organizations don't like to do them more than once or twice a year and miss out on developing their workforce, constructing a growth-mindset culture, and growing the business.


WorkStory simplifies and automates the process. The platform enables continuous performance management by breaking reviews down into small pieces and sending them to the relevant employees automatically. Instead of filling out long questionnaires, you're prompted to answer a single question. Ultimately, this means that managers and employees can monitor (and improve) their performance at all times and have the data ready and waiting for the next round of performance evaluations.

WorkStory Objectives

  • Continuous collection of feedback for each team member - so that they can celebrate growth and target areas for development
  • A real-time understanding of performance for employees and managers - to understand where changes are happening and find opportunities to adjust
  • Enabling faster performance reviews by providing easy exports through the WorkStory system - making reviews more accurate and saving time

Welcome to WorkStory

We’re here to help team members develop, without the need for "old-school" performance reviews. As part of the onboarding process, you'll need to get acquainted with the WorkStory platform. Before we get you set up, check out this quick video to see how it all works...

Getting Started

To get started with your WorkStory account, check out our Guide for New Users.