Moving Team Members

Within the organization set up you may have to move team members around and/or change the reporting structure. WorkStory makes it very easy to manage this process.

Moving a team member within the organization

To move team members:

  1. Click on Company in the left-hand menu
  2. Find the team member you would like to move and click on their card
  3. Click on the Team tab at the top
  4. Search for and select the team member you would like to move them to
  5. Click Update

Users higher up in the org chart have visibility into users below them within the organization (within their specific branch).

A few things to note:

  • Moving team members does not impact review relationships. Those remain the same but the visibility rules will change.
  • Moving a team member also moves other team members below them at the same time
  • If you need to move an individual team member, make sure to move other team members below them first.