What is the Sentiment Score?

The Sentiment score is a measurement of how positive or negative the feedback comments are - individually or in aggregate - on a scale of -100 to +100.

We produce a score for each individual comment (as seen in historic reviews sections) by running the comment through an AI-prompted system so that we can get a relative "temperature" of how well or poor people are feeling when they review.

Positive sentiment associated with a historic review

We then produce the overall average which is displayed centrally within the individual dashboard.

Overall sentiment for a user on their dashboard

We also use this to trigger feedback notifications. If you have them turned on for negative feedback only, the system will notify you whenever someone provides feedback that has a negative score, which you might want to investigate. Those notifications can be accessed from your Profile tab in the left-hand menu.

For more information on notifications, read our Enabling Feedback Notifications FAQ page.