Creating a Goal

When it comes to managing performance, setting and tracking goals can be just as important as coaching skills.

With WorkStory, you can now create goals for yourself or your team, capture progress updates quickly and easily, and monitor those goals as they move towards completion.

When it comes to goals, you can set one for yourself, or your manager can set one for you. To get started all you need is a Title and a Description. Remember, Goals are much easier to understand and achieve if written with the SMART structure. Here are the different aspects of building a goal.

Parent Goals

WorkStory goals are built to be nested. This means that you can place goals underneath each other if they relate. For example a larger objective may be to “Drive 10% more revenue this year” and a nested goal within that could be “Sign five new clients in Q1”. These nested goals can belong to different people.

If a goal does not have a Parent Goal, that’s ok, simply select “No parent goal”

Goal Type

There are a few types or levels - Individual, Team, and Company. These are simply tags to help administrators organize things when looking at the goals. Tag your goal with the appropriate type based on where it fits within your operations.

Progress Type

There are four types of goals

  • Binary - Not done/Done
  • Dollar - Amounts of whole dollars
  • Number - Amounts of whole numbers
  • Percent - Percent completion

When updating your goals, you will use the designated type to provide progress updates.


This field helps you and your managers to understand how a goal progresses through its lifecycle. It determines if progress update requests are sent to team members. For example if a goal is “On  Track”, progress updates will be sent. If a goal is in “Draft” or “Complete” updates will not be sent out.

Update Frequency

How often do you want the goal owner to be asked to provide updates? These update requests are sent automatically via their communication channel of choice, just like review requests, whether that be Slack, Teams, WebEx, or email.

Due Date

Select the date for which you want this goal to be completed by.

Goal Access Summary

Admin-level access:

  • Can create goals for anyone
  • Can assign and re-assign goals to anyone
  • Can create goals of all types
  • Can view goals, goal descriptions and goal updates for any user
  • Can access Goals Dashboard

Manager-level access:

  • Can create goals for themselves and any users below them
  • Can assign and re-assign goals for any user below them
  • Can create goals of all types
  • Can access Goals Dashboard

Basic-level access:

  • Can create goals for themselves
  • Can only create goals of type: Individual

That's it! Once you save the goal, WorkStory will automatically schedule update requests to be sent to the goal owner, in their communication channel of choice, based on the update frequency.