Tips for Writing Constructive Feedback

Things to focus on to improve your feedback wording:

  • Be honest with your input - positive/negative feedback is warranted because they will help with individual development and developing your team overall
  • Say “what you want”, not “what you don’t want” - focus on developing for the future
  • Keep things constructive not just positive - focusing on shortcomings doesn’t enable learning; it impairs it.
  • Refocusing on "I" rather than "You"

👎 Bad Feedback - John does a really poor job of communicating when we've worked together on projects. I'd like for him to work on this in the future.
👍 Good Feedback - Over the past week, John and I have not connected when we needed to in order to execute the latest campaign. I made several attempts to ping him on Slack as well as approach him in person but he did not work with me to set aside the time we needed to collaborate effectively. This lead us to continue down a path that prevented us from being totally successful. If we were able to schedule a solid meeting time I'm sure we would have done a better job of staying on track and delivering a higher quality campaign.

Need a more in-depth approach?

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