Giving Feedback

Sometimes you just want to leave someone feedback - whether they’ve just kicked butt on a client call or fumbled a recent project. With WorkStory you can easily leave a feedback comment which you know will be incorporated into the performance discussion.

Feedback differs from the Direct Review in that you’re offering a singular comment without tying it back to a specific category and contributing to the category score/metrics.


To give feedback…

  1. Click on People in the left-hand menu and navigate to the team member you’d like to review.
  2. In the top section select the Feedback tab and click Give Feedback on the right-hand side.

Within this modal you’ll be able to provide a comment and select a specific visibility with which the feedback is shared.

  • Public - anyone with access to the dashboard can see the feedback
  • Private - only you and the recipient can see the feedback
  • Private + Manager - you, the recipient, and their direct manager can see the feedback
  • Manager Only - you and the recipient's direct manager can see the feedback
  • Manager and Above - you, the recipient's direct manager, and any other managers above them are able to see the feedback