Writing a Performance Review Using WorkStory's AI-Assist

For many organizations, it takes thousands of work-hours to put together performance reviews with each review cycle. We've created this feature to help give you back that time and to make the organization more effective when it comes to the performance review discussion.

This innovation leverages AI to transform extensive review processes into a concise, efficient, and insightful experience with just a single click - simplifying performance management and enabling you to focus more on strategic leadership. With comprehensive AI-generated summaries, your team will save hours putting together their performance reviews.

Using WorkStory's AI-Assist to Write a Performance Review

Steps for creating an AI report:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate team member's dashboard, click on the Reports tab and click Create Report.
  2. When setting the report filters, select WorkStory AI as the Report Generation method.
  3. Click Next and the report will begin to be generated (this may take some time given the volume of reviews included within the date range selected for the review)
  4. Edit the automatically generated notes as necessary when progressing through the performance review preview
  5. When finishing up, you can share the report with others for them to comment on or you can download the report as a PDF.

For more information on sharing and exporting a report, visit our Creating a Report FAQ.