What is the Shoutouts Feed?

The Shoutouts Feed is a new feature that allows team members to publicly recognize and celebrate each other's accomplishments, milestones, and successes. It's a social feed within WorkStory where team members can share shoutouts with each other, providing positive feedback, and boosting morale.

Why is the Shoutouts Feed important?

The Shoutouts Feed provides an opportunity for team members to feel valued and appreciated for their hard work and contributions.

It can help to build a positive work culture and foster stronger team relationships. It's a powerful tool for boosting morale, increasing employee engagement, and creating a sense of community within your organization.

Shoutouts Feed

How does the Shoutouts Feed work?

The Shoutouts Feed allows team members to post messages praising their colleagues. These messages are populated when a team member provides feedback during a review and elects to make it Public. Alternatively, team members can leave feedback for each other directly from the feed.

Any feedback comments added to the feed will also be posted to the respective team member's dashboard for future reference in performance conversations.

Adding the Public Feedback Visibility Option

If you'd like to make sure your team is able to provide feedback publicly, posting to the Shoutouts Feed in the process, you can do so as an administrator from the Organization Settings page.

In Organization Settings, make sure you have the top-most option, "Share review in public feedback feed" selected.

With that, future reviews will show that option for team members when they're providing their feedback.

Organization settings and review visibility
Organization settings and review visibility

Can the Shoutouts be moderated?

The feed is accessible to all team members and can be moderated by managers and designated administrators to ensure that the content is appropriate to be shared publicly.

If you need to edit a feedback comment, click on the "edit" button and adjust the comment text or visibility as necessary.

Changing feedback comment and visibility
Changing feedback comment and visibility

Frequent Questions

Q: Who can post on the Shoutouts Feed?

A: Any team member can post on the Shoutouts Feed, as long as they have access to provide public feedback.

Q: Can team members comment on feedback?

A: No, but team members can like comments to add their own congratulations or support.

Q: How do I moderate the content on the Shoutouts Feed?

A: As an administrator, you can moderate the content on the Shoutouts Feed by reviewing posts and comments before they are published. You can also set guidelines for appropriate content.

Q: Can I turn off the Shoutouts Feed if I don't want to use it?

A: No, but you can restrict team members from providing feedback publicly.