Review Visibility Options

When leaving feedback in a review, whether in Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or email, you have the option of how visible your feedback can be.

Team members should be given some option so that they can feel honest when sharing their thoughts and providing constructive feedback.

Review visibility options

There are five total options that team's can provide:

  • Open to everyone - anyone can see this feedback when navigating to the team member's dashboard
  • Openly with reviewee - the person being reviewed can see your comment and that it was written by you
  • With reviewee - only your comment is being shared, the reviewee can not see your name. The reviewee's manager can see your name.
  • Directly with reviewee's manager - the person being reviewed does not see your feedback or your name. The reviewee's manager can see the feedback and your name.
  • Directly with reviewee's manager (anonymous) - your comment is shared but NO ONE in the organization can see who has written the comment

Choosing Which Options to Make Available to the Team

System administrators are able to select not only which options are available to team members when completing reviews and providing feedback but also able to select the default option that is selected.

You can make changes to these options from the Setup page under the Organization tab in the left-hand menu.

Selecting specific visibility options in the organization setup