Requesting Feedback or Additional Reviews

Whenever appropriate, users can request feedback for themselves, or managers and administrators can request reviews for their team members.

Requests can be in the form of general feedback or specific performance review questions.

When a review request is made, the review(s) are sent to the reviewer in their communication channel of choice, just as if they were receiving an automated review.

Requesting Feedback for Your Team Members

Requesting reviews for a team member

To request...

  1. Click on Request Feedback on the home page
  2. Select the team member you would like to review and the team member to do the reviewing
  3. Choose the specific questions that they should be sent by opening up the individual competency drop downs
  4. Schedule the review(s) to be send immediately or at some point in the future
  5. Finish by clicking Request Feedback and the system will send the reviews at the desired time