Connecting Your Webex Account

If your team uses Cisco Webex to get work done then we'd suggest you connecting your own Webex account with WorkStory. Adding this integration will allow WorkStory to send information to you and request feedback on your team members directly through the chat.

If you're a Webex company, it's easiest and fastest way to work with WorkStory.

As with our other integrations, the connection is limited to a direct chat to you so no one else can view or access the information being sent.

Connecting to Webex

How to properly connect you Webex account...

  1. Log in to WorkStory
  2. Click on Settings
  3. In the Webex field, type the email that you use for Webex (this may be different from the email you use for WorkStory)
  4. After logging in to Webex, you should see a new chat with WorkStory. In the chat say, "Hello" and in response you should receive a confirmation message:
  5. Navigate back to WorkStory and confirm that Webex is your preferred communication option